The purpose

Art means the world to me. People don't get up in the morning because they love digging ditches or cleaning floors; they work so they can find the time to experience something beautiful. They want to watch movies, hear music, read books, play games and share these things with other people. Art is God's work. It's the synthesis that gives meaning and purpose to our lives. It's the language of the most sophisticated minds in history. 

And I love it.

This web page is a chance for me to share my crude understanding of the language of art. It's a portal to all the paintings, comics, articles and music that I create.

a window

Leonardo Da Vinci is probably the most intelligent creature to ever walk the earth. He was an Sculptor, Painter, Scientist, Inventor, Writer, and Sage. All of the aspects of life informed his work and I aspire to such understanding. Of course, I'm not half as intelligent, but I can try a bunch of different crap too. 

The Basics

Despite trying to seem smart, interests are basic: Comics, video games, movies, rock music, and pretty girls. Sometimes I'll write about them, sometimes I'll draw pictures, and sometimes I might just write a song.