There's this concept in technology called "Friction." To summarize it briefly, friction refers to the number of steps of doing what I want with hardware/software and finally acheiving the desired result. Example: On my iphone, there are three steps of friction between me wanting to make a phone call and actually making the call. I grab my phone and first (1) unlock it (2) go to the phone icon and (3) select the name of desired recipients from a list. 

I think about friction a lot. Not just with tech, though. If I am able to objectively assess my own behavior, I can alter my own life patterns in my home. Maybe I realize the floor is frequently dirty and I can't stand it any more. How many steps are there between me vacuuming the floor after I walk in my front door? If it's more than three steps of friction, I  won't be very good about keeping a clean floor. I can't speak for many others on the matter, but I know that about myself.

As an artist, I have to be aware of how many steps a creative idea is away from fruition. If the friction is too great, it will never come to be. Sure, if I have a ton of canvas materials ready I can make a thousand paintings, but I know I probably won't if I don't already have a couple stretched and ready to go when an idea comes. How far away is my guitar? Am I technically ready to perform the idea? How much practice is necessary? 

These are just the logistical frictions. When I was a kid, I always thought that if I had a video camera, I would make feature films. Now there is less friction than ever for me to do it and I haven't made a film yet. I have a camera, editing software, etc. but I don't do it. Why?  

I don't wanna I guess. 

I'm getting older and the more aware I am of the frictions, the harder it gets to choose how I actually spend my time. I hope I am doing well with my choices, because as time marches on, the frictions become more noticiable and prevalent. 

And some of the frictions I don't know if I can overcome.