I have a few salient points to share about social media based on personal experience. 

1. There are too many children. On earth. I know, because they are all on my Facebook feed. 

2. Having or not having a gun/gay/abortion/race/fat/religion is the cause or cure to all our problems. It's that simple. 

3. Social media helps me give advice that I know works every time but have never taken myself. 

4. Facebook is a perfect place to speak vaguely about personal problems, but when people ask "what happened?" tell 'em to f--- off its private. 

5. I learned of the art of food photography. A lost art. 

6. People love lists. 

7. I wish those distant relatives had as much information on me as I did on them the day I approved their friend request.

8. Man, why didn't I start with a fake name?

9. There needs to be a class on social media etiquette required for all ages. Oldest to youngest in order of priority. 

10. That job you worked so hard to get? Yeah, totally bitch about it online. It will never come back at you.